A live demo of the edoobox tool

We have built the edoobox reservation tool into 3 example websites. You can make test reservations to experience for yourself, what reservations will be like for your customers. Some of the mock offers appear with prices, so you can even see how billing for additional services and VAT are available.

Demo Website - Publish Grill Courses online

1. Demo: Steak-House

Manage events and courses withe the clever online reservation system. You’ll fine two iFrames on Steakhouse:

iFrame Events
iFrame Courses
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Demo Website - Publish Business Courses online

2. Demo: Business Solution

Easily organise many seminars at once
iFrame Seminars
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Demo Website - Publish Yoga Courses online

3. Demo: Yoga – Club

Manage your sport training courses with the edoobox tool
iFrame Yoga Courses
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