Events management for your ads

Years of experience allow us to offer a mature edoobox product. Increase your conversion rate by more than 30%! The subscribers can take advantage of a fast and user-friendly booking system for seminars, courses and events.

Communication with your subscribers

Inform your subscribers quickly and easily across all channels of communication such as email and social media.


Social media

edoobox helps you ensuring your presence in the social media sphere. Distribute all your offers on Facebook, Google or Twitter, with the built-in share function.

Direkte Kommunikation - Veränderungen und Infos per E-Mail informieren von Ihrere eigenen E-Mail
Zahlreiche Promotionen - Seriengeführte oder mehrmals einlösbare Gutscheine

Do you want to launch promotional campaigns?

Create promotional codes to offer discounts to your subscribers, or for your marketing campaigns.

Integrated email system

Create templates of personalized letters with fields for receiving data. Use dynamic lists to distribute your e-mails. All e-mails are sent from your SMTP e-mail address.



Personalisierung mit definierten Styles oder mit Bootstrap - Mobile optimiert