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The Etzensperger computer science Group (for the following services) gives great importance to the protection of your privacy and security concerning edoobox registered data. The service provider undertakes all usual and reasonable measures for the protection of personal information from loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, change or destruction. Present privacy guideline describes the handling of the data, concerning edoobox.

Your data in edoobox

The service provider uses the personal data only for fulfillment in accordance with the general service trading conditions as well as for data protection regulations. The service provider does not pass personal data on in principle. The passing on takes place only, (i) if you book a course, your data are necessarily passed on to the offering school, (ii) if you explicitly consent to give them; (iii) if in accordance with the legal obligations the service provider estimate that he has to pass on data; (iv) if this is necessary, in order to protect the security of other edoobox users; (v) if this is necessary to implement the general trading conditions or the rights of the service provider or a relevant organisation. To do investigations.


If you use edoobox, Cookies are stored on your computer. Cookies are small units of information which help your browser to identify unambiguously information like user’s attitudes that can be filed. edoobox uses cookies to record statistic information to facilitate the use of the service.


edoobox can display advertisements (eg on the websites and in e-mails). These advertisements are handled by the available information (voice, IP address, course name, etc.) in edoobox. This control is increasingly automated. The control of the information is evaluated neither manually nor by the advertisers

Unauthorized access

Various measures are taken in edoobox to ensure that third parties can not gain unauthorized access to other accounts or data. A key element for the protection of access to the accounts is the password. Choose a strong password and keep your password confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Payment processing

edoobox cooperates with PayPal. You will find the information concerning data security directives under: PayPal. To make the payment user-friendly and as simple as possible, send edoobox your name and your e-mail address during to the provider during the payment procedure. They are information you would have to give anyway.


The Service Provider has the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. The latest version of the privacy policy is available at ##URL##

20. November 2010

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