The participants choose the courses themselves – waiting lists facilitate the reallocations

Let the participants follow the registration process, so that you can save your time for the organization of the courses. Booked courses and filled waiting lists show you where you can offer more places or where you need to make reallocations. The integrated mail system will facilitate contact with your subscribers. Nowadays, often a course has its own price. (a hangover from the pre-computer era). The reservation system automatically balances a course price in relation to the other prices.

  • Sophisticated functionality

    All the features you need for a professional course management.

    Simple and intuitive operation

    Publish courses and events quick and very user friendly online.

    Payments management

    Fast and easy booking process including payment processing for your customers.

The online holiday course/activity management

edoobox is an online course booking system with a guiding process that helps the participant from the registration to the payment of the course. Course providers, with edoobox, have on one hand a platform to offer courses for booking on the Internet, and on the other hand, a full range system to manage the courses, lists of subscribers and addresses, the agendas of the lecturers, etc.

The clearly structured online course management system

  • The holiday courses/activities for the different age groups can be classified into categories
  • The parents and the children see immediately at login which courses, based on the age, are suitable
  • The courses are immediately found by search engines
  • edoobox publishes all your holiday courses/activities, in detail and clarity, in your website.
  • The potential participants quickly learn how to use the booking system.
  • Detailed descriptions of the courses, with the starting dates, for the participants
  • No overbooking of courses by the participants

Subscriber & e-mail system management

  • Online payment via credit card, PayPal, and, or invoicing
  • Possibility of collective registration
  • Email system with templates, newsletters, and mailing lists
  • Flexible structure for data about participants
  • Participant registration in your website
  • Effective management by the secretariat of the subscriptions by phone
  • Login via Facebook, Google+, Windows Live
Book courses or events online
  • Online Booking System

    edoobox is a smart online reservation system. Customers can register 24/7 for courses, seminars and events and pay immediately.

    Promotional campaigns

    With edoobox, you choose a well established system of online booking. For an effective management of your courses, seminars, events, congresses and symposia. Increase your success.

    Embed in your own website

    The edoobox reservation tool can easily be integrated into your own website with an iFrame. All CMS’s such as Typo3 and Joomla are supported.

Course registration in your own website

You can integrate the edoobox booking tool into your website in just a few clicks, and then give the users the possibility to book the chosen courses directly in your website. edoobox is the ideal solution for all holiday courses/activities. (A guide shows you how to integrate the booking tool into your website:

No software to be installed on your PC. Everything takes place on the Internet. The software updates are free of charge. There is no limit to the number of administrators. You decide who can access the system to manage the courses.

Simple integration on your website
The Internet is becoming more and more important as a marketing platform. The search for information on courses and their direct reservation is more easily made online. It is increasingly important to insure one’s presence on the Internet. edoobox has developed a course to help you manage the edoobox functions.
  • Subscribers management

    Your subscribers are your most valuable asset. Use the integrated subscribers management system, which meets all your needs.

    Payment systems

    You can see at a glance the balance of each subscriber. Easily send a payment reminder. We offer a wide range of Payment systems.

    Event Management

    Years of experience allow us to offer a mature edoobox product. Increase your conversion rate by more than 30%!
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