About edoobox

What is edoobox®?

edoobox is an online training course, seminar and event reservation system. In edoobox, providers have a platform to publish courses, seminars and events on the internet and offer reservations and/or registrations.

edoobox offers online overviews and detailed descriptions of courses, seminars and events. Anyone, who is interest can easily register. Newly published offers are immediately available to search engines.

edoobox is based on a webserver, so there is no program to install on your PC. You always use the newest, updated version, automatically.

edoobox is an online training course, seminar and event reservation system.

Who uses edoobox®?

edoobox perfect for companies, training institutes, clubs, private providers, etc. to advertise courses, seminars or events online, and to allow participants to register online

The edoobox reservation tool can easily be integrated into your own website with an iFrame. All CMS’s such as Typo3 and Joomla are supported.

Are you interested in training course management or seminar management?

Who created edoobox®?

The version has been published in 2009 by an experienced development team. edoobox has already great success in many European countries like Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc. Our dedicated development team of edoobox is encouraged to take new ideas and requests in order to develop custom-designed solutions for you.

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